About Advanced Resources

Get to Know Us

Get to know Advanced Resources.

We are a group of hard working, dedicated professionals who are committed to providing quality staffing solutions to our clients and creating opportunities for our candidates. We have different interests, like cooking, baseball, traveling, golf, volunteering, teaching and even an appreciation for 80s music – just like you, we are multi-dimensional.  Regardless of where our personal passions lie, one thing is universal, our desire to create solutions and to find a great career fit for you!

Our company goal.

Since 2002, many of the nation's most respected Fortune 500 companies have turned to us for innovative, cost-effective workforce solutions. Our goal is to be a strategic business partner delivering staff augmentation resources, direct hires, contract to hire and training solutions across multiple verticals throughout the country. Resources you want, when you need them, from people you trust and want to work with. 

Meet our Leaders

CEO and Founder

Sonya Gotto

Boardroom meetings or Nordstrom shoe bonanzas, Sonya is all about closing the deal. Sonya thrives in an active environment and keeps busy with her two kids' sporting events. Running a business and being a cheerleader aren’t enough to keep Sonya busy, so add Board Member of KidSmart to the list of to-dos. Sonya delivers supplies to gyms full of kids and whips them into a frenzy over their new gear and the thrill of learning.  She whips our staff into a frenzy most Thursday mornings with Chick-fil-A breakfast minis!  A master of sales, don’t be surprised when a meeting with Sonya leads to a new contract or maybe to the dance floor.

President and COO

Frank Ehlers

Beep beep, if you are driving behind Frank you might need to use the horn!  Although Frank isn’t our speediest driver, he runs Advanced Resources like a well-oiled machine.  As one of the Founders, Frank knows his way around the boardroom, but is equally as comfortable behind the bbq grill or hanging out at the lake with his three children.  It is the two sides of Frank that allow him to form lasting relationships with our clients and make him a favorite among our team.  Next time you need a perfectly grilled steak or a Sunday football pal to help you cheer on the Steelers, Frank will be there.  Just call him an Uber so he doesn’t show up at halftime!

VP of Operations

Rachelle Bauer

It’s not just millennials that can multi-task! Rachelle seems to have unlocked human cloning or maybe disrupts the space time continuum. How else can she juggle operational and growth strategies for Advanced Resources, raising 3 daughters, volunteering and never missing a business or social engagement? Rachelle is the powerhouse behind Advanced Resources' desire for success and client satisfaction.  With over 20 years in the industry, her success opens doors and builds bridges.  Well, maybe not bridges, but it does forge long lasting relationships built on trust and delivering on the promise to provide top talent.

VP of Strategic Accounts

Tom Geolat

Golf anyone? Tom doesn’t do much to break the perception that the deal happens on the golf course. He is an avid golfer and his love for the sport has proven genetic, his daughter and wife are often found on the fairway. Tom’s goal is to not only bring in new clients, but to figure out how to work with our clients. Tom is a huge believer in partnership.  Tom works hard to ensure we are anything but run-of-the-mill, mentoring sales and support teams, proposing workforce solutions to our clients, and delivering on what was promised. What is a deal, without delivery? Tom brings not only experience to but a drive for excellence that makes us all want to work harder.